Foto de manifesto da ONG Sou da Paz contra mortes por Covid-19

The Covid-19 Pandemic produced a social emergency of unprecedented proportions at the same time that it created enormous obstacles for civil society organization to combat it. Even so, since March 2020, a massive upsurge of social and political organization has occurred in Brazil. This repository was created to give visibility to these initiatives. Our goal is both to support civil society itself in combating the pandemic as well as to serve as a resource hub for researchers studying the subject.

The Repository catalogs in a non-comprehensive way examples of various types of initiatives: solidarity projects that provide health and social services in the absence of an effective response from the state; political mobilization campaigns aimed at pressuring political authorities and society around complaints and alternative proposals on how to fight the pandemic; communication activities that sought to inform society about Covid-19 and combat false news; activities that produced knowledge about the pandemic and how best to fight it. We have also included a section that includes efforts in all of these categories drawing attention to the role of digital activism in the pandemic.