In partnership with the research group NEPAC (Center for Participation Research, Social Movements and Collective Action), from Unicamp, public manifestos written by different sectors of civil society were collected in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Public manifestos are collectively constructed and signed documents, which express and publicize the official position of a set of subjects in relation to a given theme or issue. Thus, notes, reports, letters of repudiation, campaigns and other documents were collected, expressing disagreement with the directions of policies to cope with the pandemic and its social and economic consequences and, in many cases, also suggested alternatives. The criteria used in the selection of documents were: 1. “National” or “regional” documents (texts produced at the state, municipal or communities/neighborhoods were discarded, as well as texts prepared by a single regional or municipal institution); 2. Documents that are of proposition or repudiation aimed at state bodies or society in general. 3. No social media posts of a single individual were included, but documents signed by collectives and/or individuals organized collectively; 4. The collection was not restricted only to better known social movements, initiatives were included even outside the field of social movements to perceive proximity and differences; 5. No solidarity campaigns, no advisory booklets were included. 6. Notes from doctors or specialists have been discarded. The report, “Public Manifestos in Times of Covid-19”, by Ana Claudia Teixeira and Adriana Pismel, of the NEPAC team is available here.

Virtual Act: Defending the Amazon is defending life

Promoted by an articulation of organizations that work in the nine states of the Amazon region, the national act “Defending the Amazon is defending life” will bring, in a live, community leaders, affected by deforestation and megaprojects, in testimonies and cultural actions to celebrate September 5: Amazon Day. Go here.

Amazonize yourself! 

The proposal of the Amazoniza-te campaign is to be a protracted and urgent action that articulates the Leaders of Indigenous Peoples, the Church in the Amazon, the different ecclesial organizations, artists and opinion makers at the national and international level and scientists, potentiating complaints about the severity of the situation faced by indigenous peoples in the Amazon, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and consolidating the proposals and claims of the peoples themselves and the land. Go here.

#LiberteoFuturo: 5 proposals to postpone the end of the world

With the support of artists, intellectuals, activists and citizens around the world, the movement invites us to imagine the post-pandemic future to provoke action in the present. The goal is to encourage participation and engagement in the networks of those who want to build a future that is not passed, and prevent the return of the abnormality that condemns our and other species.Go here.

Black Women’s Letter to the Supreme Court

Black Women deliver public letter to the Supreme Court under the motto “Black Women Move Brazil for Rights” and seek commitment to the end of racism and sexism. The group is representative of more than 55 million Brazilian black women. Go here.

Brazilian Action to Combat Inequalities

More than 30 civil society organizations – including Oxfam Brasil – cultural and religious collectives, social movements, quilombolas and academics launched the Brazilian Action to Combat Inequalities (ABCD) on April 23. Go here.


The Brazilian Network of Environmental Justice (RBJA), an articulation of which FASE is a part, launches an open letter on social paths after the health crisis.Go here.

Letter to God’s people

152 Bishops, Archbishops and Bishops Emeritus released a document called “Letter to the People of God”, in which they harshly criticize President Jair Bolsonaro, especially in the face of the pandemic of covid-19, and bolsonarism. “Analyzing the political landscape, without passions, we clearly perceive the inability and inability of the Federal Government to face these crises,” they said in the document. Go here.

Letter from priests in support of bishops who sign of the “Letter to the people of God”

Letter from more than 1,500 Fathers in support and adhering to the 152 Bishops who signed the “Letter to the People of God” – against the dismembers of the federal government: “We walk on the road of Jesus”. Go here.

Black Movement for Impeachment

The Black Coalition for Rights, an articulation that brings together 150 organizations and collectives of the black movement, will propose a request for impeachment against the current President Jair Bolsonaro for the crimes of responsibility committed by him and how these aggravate the policy of genocide against the black population. Read it here.

Manifesto in support of Recommendation 62 of the CNJ and the

Entities from all over Brazil express support for recommendation 62 of the CNJ (National Council of Justice), which lists measures to be adopted by magistrates to reduce overcrowding in the prison system and save lives in the face of a Covid-19 pandemic. Signed by more than 70 institutions, the document also calls for the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the National Penitentiary Department (Depen) to abandon political disputes and prioritize the preservation of lives, respecting the competence of the CNJ, the independence of the judiciary and the Constitution. Read the manifesto here.

Manifesto Forum on Evictions, Removals and Reintegrations of Possession

The Social Work Forum in Housing of São Paulo issued a manifesto in favor of the ZERO EVICTION Campaign IN DEFENSE OF LIFE – IN THE COUNTRYSIDE AND IN THE CITY! Download the document here.

Windows for Democracy

The “Windows for Democracy” is a campaign launched by the parties PDT, PSB, REDE, Citizenship and PV, aiming to unite citizens who publicly defend democracy and who support the requests for impeachment of the current president, pending in congress. Click here.

Covid-19: Defenders and MPT recommend protection for waste pickers and waste pickers

The Public Defender’s Office of the Union (DPU) together with some state defenders, as well as the Labor Public Prosecutor’s Office, have issued recommendations to city halls and public agencies to guarantee waste pickers and waste pickers in Brazil in the face of the covonavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Among the recommendations is the need for minimum income and food safety programs, in addition to providing protective equipment and cleaning products. Go here.

Motion for strengthening selective collection with the integration of waste pickers against the incineration of household solid waste

Seeking to preserve the conditions for the continuity of the work of waste pickers and their associations and cooperatives in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, several entities, such as MNCR – National Movement of Waste Pickers of Recyclable Materials, issued a motion in order to present considerations and proposals for the sector. Go here.

Popular impeachment request is filed

A popular impeachment request was filed in Congress on July 14, 2020. Hundreds of entities from the popular movement and civil society sign the document, as well as personalities from the arts, culture, science, sports, press, religion and philosophy. Download the order here.

Only life matters. More Civil Society. More state. Less Market!

“The Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations – Abong, a national entity that brings together more than 200 civil society organizations from all over the country, expresses its indignation at the pronouncement of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, in national chain last Tuesday, March 24, on the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19).” Access the full note here.

National Campaign Outside Bolsonaro

The campaign #ForaBolsonaro is responsible for bringing together political organizations and social entities opposed to the actions of the Federal Executive, in addition to establishing joint initiatives in the face of the pandemic. Click here.


Several entities, including Abong – Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, issued a public note in defense of a more supportive country, in addition to the removal of President Bolsonaro. Read it here.


The July of Black campaign was developed from the unit of black women’s movements in Bahia, Northeast Region, and some other states of the country, such as Paraná, Pará, Amapá, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and the Federal District, and is aimed at strengthening the agendas and organizations of black women. Go here.

Women fighting genocidal disgovernment

“We women are on the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic fight in Brazil, we are the majority in hospitals, at home and in our communities. We are the ones who are managing life, protecting, feeding, caring for and healing, while genocidal disgovernment contaminated, abandons, violents, kills, allows them to kill and let millions of people die. It is we, the mostly black women, who assume the social, affective and professional responsibility of care and also the political responsibility of struggle and denunciation, the defense of rights and democracy.” Download the full document here.

We want new election! May 1, 2020 – Day of Struggle of the entire class that lives from work – Articulation of Brazilian Women

The Articulation of Brazilian Women issued a note with some propositions in the face of the pandemic scenario, including the impeachment of the Bolsonaro-Mourão government. Go here.


The campaign #BrasilpelaDemocracia #BrasilpelaVida brings together more than 70 organizations among national entities, central unions, social movements, pro-democracy articulations and non-governmental organizations. Go here.

Coronavirus in Brazil: reflections of young black women

The National Articulation of Black Young Feminists (ANJF) issued an open letter on reflections of the Articulation in times of pandemic. Check it out here.

Black coalition note for rights on the Covid-19

“In view of the serious situation of the Coronavirus pandemic for the Brazilian black population, we demand that the authorities and sectors committed to human rights, manifest themselves and act to overcome racial inequities, taking urgent and immediate arrangements to care for and save the black population, especially those most vulnerable among us.” Check out the full document here.

Note of repudiation of the President’s pronouncement – Black Coalition for Rights

The Black Coalition for Rights and the Collective of Human Rights Advocacy (CADHu) presented a crime news against the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro for encouraging the non-compliance of sanitary measures to combat Covid-19. Go here.

Technical note of the Basic Income campaign we want

The Brazilian Basic Income Network issued a technical note with a proposal for emergency basic income aimed at the most unprotected during the Coronavirus pandemic. Download the document here.


The document of proposals in the defense and guarantee of human rights of the homeless population was prepared by the National Child Not Street Campaign, National Movement of Street Boys and Girls, National Movement of the Street Population and National Pastoral Care of the Street People. Check it out here.

Business leaders launch manifesto in defense of life and democracy

The letter is signed by organizations, such as the Ethos Institute and the GESC Institute, which unite to face the health, economic and political crises that are being overthe country. Go here.

Healthy Food for All!

To combat the damage of the social and economic crisis caused by Covid-19, Unisol Brazil and hundreds of entities published the “Manifesto in Defense of the Program for the Acquisition of Food and Healthy Food for the people”. Check it out here.

Taxing the rich to face the crisis

Some entities, including AFD and ANFIP, have prepared an open letter with a set of concrete proposals for changes in national taxation with the purpose of pointing out sources of resources to finance urgent and necessary measures to address the deleterious effects of the pandemic. Access the full document here.


CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) issued a public note with measures to reduce the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic on the territories of Brazilian slums. Check out the document here.


The manifesto is signed by more than 50 civil society entities and reaffirms the importance of public power in the zeal for the population, especially the most vulnerable groups, in addition to the commitment to human rights. Go here.

Manifesto Democracy Yes

“We are different. We have varied personal and public trajectories. We vote for different people and parties. We defend different causes, ideas and projects for our country, often antagonistic. But we have in common the commitment to democracy. With freedom, plural coexistence and mutual respect. And we believe in Brazil. A Brazil formed by all its citizens, ethical, peaceful, dynamic, free from intolerance, prejudice and discrimination.” Access the full manifest here.

Front Outside Bolsonaro launches undersigned charging removal of the president

Frente Fora Bolsonaro brings together several civil society entities organized in defense of the removal of the President of the Republic. Check out the movement’s website and the manifesto “Impeachment Now”, which will be delivered to the president of the House of Representatives, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), demanding the opening of the process of impediment of Jair Bolsonaro (ex-PSL).

Petition: Delivery apps, distribute food and alcohol in gel to motoboys!

“We are unable to buy gel alcohol and afford to feed on the street in the midst of this coronavirus crisis. We need application companies to stand up and make arrangements to make sure we’re more protected. We need urgent distribution of alcohol gel for all delivery men and also food. You can’t work hungry! For our prevention, it is necessary to distribute alcohol in gel, since we contact many people per day making deliveries.” Go to the petition here.


A manifesto, signed by more than 500 security agents, including military, civil and federal police, as well as military firefighters, was released with the call for democracy and contrary to fascism and repression against civil society. Download the document here.

Field movements launch emergency platform in defense of life

The platform was developed by Social movements, trade unions and entities organized around family agriculture, agrarian reform, traditional peoples and communities, agroecology and food sovereignty to present to Brazilian society a set of emergency proposals to deal with the effects of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The action is aimed at the population of the countryside, forests and waters, as well as recovering productive capacity and resuming a supply policy to rebuild food stocks and face the threat of worsening hunger that is announced in the face of the crisis in health and economy, due to Covid-19. Go here.

Safe Elections Campaign 2020

Civil society organizations launched on Monday, 15, the campaign “Safe Elections – Democracy is essential activity”. The goal is to ask that the vote to elect mayors and councilors take place later this year, so as to prevent the current mandates from being extended. The entities involved believe that the possibility of postponing the election until next year could open “absolutely undesirable precedents for the functioning of our democratic regime.” Visit here for more information.

The independence of the MPF in the Constitution

“In order to guarantee the Attorney General’s Office the effective independence indispensable to the exercise of the constitutional mission of the MPF, it is necessary to make a broad, public and open debate on institutionalization, through inclusion in the constitutional text, of the rule that the Attorney General of the Republic be chosen by the President of the Republic on the basis of a triple list chosen by the members of the institution , as with the Attorney General in the Federal District and in the 26 (twenty-six) states of the Federation.” Download the document here.

College of Presidents of Courts of Justice of Brazil issues document in support of the Supreme Court

The College of Presidents of Courts of Justice of Brazil (Codepre) issued a letter in support of the Supreme Court.The document points out that “(the Supreme Court) in its 129 years of history, has been providing immeasurable services to Brazilian society, establishing itself as an indispensable institution to guarantee citizens’ rights, the Democratic Rule of Law and the consolidation of democracy”. Check out the full document.

Manifesto of the Brazilian Women’s Uprising

The Manifesto draws attention to the government’s wrong policy in combating coronavirus, genocide of young black people, increased inequalities and impoverishment of the population. “We fight for the end of slavery and fascism, against military dictatorship and for democracy. We demand an answer on Who Ordered Marielle to be killed and we will overthrow Bolsonaro and Mourão!” the document said. Go to the manifest in full.

As long as there is RACISM, there will be no DEMOCRACY

“We, organized black population, black women, slum people, peripheral, LGBTQIA+, who profess religions of African origin, quilombolas, black and black with different confessions of faith, peoples of the countryside, waters and forests, exploited, casual and unemployed workers, in Black Coalition for Rights, we have come to public to demand the eradication of racism as a genocidal practice against the black population.” Continue reading the manifesto here.

Legal manifesto rejects intervention of the Armed Forces and calls for respect for democracy

“A manifesto signed by 170 legal professionals, including teachers, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and three former justice ministers, calls for the Armed Forces to respect democracy and rejects that they have an alleged moderating role.” Access the full manifest here.


Due to a historical debt regarding the incorporation of human rights in the lives of citizens and the risks of setback in achievements celebrated in the 1988 Constitution, a group of Brazilians decided to set up the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. There are 20 personalities from the political world, jurists, academics, intellectuals, journalists and social activists of different generations, whose common denominator has been the permanent defense of human rights. The group operates on a voluntary, suprapartisan basis alongside thousands of human rights defenders across the country. Check it out here.

Athletes unite in manifesto for democracy and against racism

Formed by athletes, former athletes, sports journalists, commentators and referees, the group Sport for Democracy launched a manifesto in defense of human rights, press freedom and diversity. According to the organizers, the manifesto aims to show a position in the face of the pandemic of covid-19, the disrespect of the Constitution and the trivialization of black lives. Go here.

Manifesto Together for Democracy and Life

The Pact for Democracy is an initiative of Brazilian civil society focused on the defense and improvement of political and democratic life in Brazil. It is a plural space, non-partisan and open to citizens, organizations and also political actors who share the commitment to rescue and deepen democratic practices and values in the face of the numerous challenges we have faced over the last few years in the country. Go here.

Movement we are 70 percent

We are 70 percent is a movement created during a live between Eduardo Moreira and Roberto Requião on May 30. 70% is significant for various reasons, one of them for representing the percentage of people who are in favor of measures of social distancing during the pandemic. Visit the movement website here.

REPUDIATION NOTE Against the attempt to legalize religious missions in indigenous territories in voluntary isolation

The Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon – COIAB, the largest indigenous regional organization in Brazil and covering the nine states of the Brazilian Amazon, expresses its indignation and repudiation of the sneaky inclusion of Article 13 in chapter 4 of PL No. 1142, 2020, which deals with emergency care to indigenous peoples in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. Go here.

Manifesto – Defending Public Services By Ensuring Access to Water and Sanitation For The Entire Population

Signed by 70 entities, including the APU (Association of University Professionals of SABESP), the Manifesto presents the truth about the provision of sanitation services in Brazil. Read the full manifesto here.

Outside Garimpo, Out Covid

The #ForaGarimpoForaCovid campaign is an initiative of the Forum of Leaders Yanomami and Ye’kwana and the Hutukara Association Yanomami (HAY), Association Wanasseduume Ye’kwana (SEDUUME), Association of Women Yanomami Kumirayoma (AMYK), Texoli Association Ninam of the State of Roraima (TANER), Yanomami Association of cauaburis river and tributaries (AYRCA). The campaign denounces the risks of mining in indigenous lands, especially with regard to the health of the indigenous population in the pandemic scenario. Check it out here.

Brazilian diplomats defend direct elections

Through a public letter, a group of at least 115 diplomats and Itamaraty officials expressed concern about the direction of Brazilian politics and advocated the holding of direct elections for the presidency of the Republic. Go here.

Movement We’#JUNTOS

“We are citizens, citizens, companies, organizations and Brazilian institutions and we are part of the majority that defends life, freedom and democracy.” Access the manifest here.

Manifesto for anti-fascist unity

“Those who value and defend the Democratic Rule of Law follow, every day, the way the country is being pushed into the abyss, with threats followed by a coup by Bolsonaro. What we have left of democracy and constitutional respect is rapidly easing as fascism progresses.” Access the full manifest here.

Manifesto of 35 evangelical organizations proposes that TSE proceed to the impeachment of the plate Bolsonaro-Mourão

Evangelical organizations and movements, allied to hundreds of people linked to churches in this Christian segment sign the manifesto “The ruler without discernment increases oppression – A cry of faith for Brazil”. Access the full manifest here.

Manifesto of progressive spiritists by the impeachment of bolsonaro-mourão plate

Progressive spiritists, broad movement, plural, suprapartisan, sign manifesto in favor of the impeachment of the plate Bolsonaro-Mourão. Look here.

PUBLIC NOTE: Support the quilombola population against COVID-19

The National Observatory of Socioenvironmental Justice Luciano Mendes de Almeida (OLMA) issued a public note in support of the quilombola population against COVID-19. Check it out here.

Petition for the immediate suspension of constitutional amendment 95

Petition sent to the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court Rosa Weber, and signed by several entities, advocates the immediate suspension of Constitutional Amendment 95, or at least the suspension of the wording given to Articles 107 and 110 of the Transitional Constitutional Provisions Act. Download the document in full.

Document gathers proposals to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in slums and peripheries

Dozens of entities met to elaborate 13 proposals for immediate and structural actions to address the Covid-19 pandemic, aimed primarily at inhabitants of popular territories – in the peripheries, in informal settlements, occupations – and also to the homeless population and other vulnerable social groups. Go here.

Open Letter of the People of Terreiro

“We are from a tradition that does not part with the reason for emotion, or the political struggle from the subjectivity of being and living in fullness. For those of us who profess the faith of solidarity, compassion, affection and resistance, there is no way to silence our voice in the most tragic period we have lived since the enslavement of our people. The history of our country was built on black blood. It is our ethical and moral obligation to confront the death policy of bolsonaro disgovernment, in honor of the memory of struggles and resistance of our black and black heroines and heroes.” Access the text here.


“Brazil, its institutions, its people can no longer be attacked by someone who, democratically anointed as president of the Republic, exercises the noble mandate conferred on him to ruin with the foundations of our democratic system, at the same time, against the Legislative and Judiciary, against the rule of law, against the health of Brazilians , acting shamelessly, in the light of day, unable to show any civic spirit or compassion for the suffering of so many.” Access the campaign’s petition here.

National All Lives Campaign Are Worth It!

“The National All Lives Campaign Valem was launched by the National Movement for Human Rights (MNDH) on May 15, 2020. The main objective of the Campaign is to mobilize human rights organizations to guarantee human rights in the context of Covid-19. As specific objectives the Campaign aims to: a) organization of solidarity for the attention to groups and segments with more protective need; b) promote actions to monitor human rights violations in the context of the pandemic; c) to carry out formative actions to strengthen human rights organizations. […]”. Check out the full document here.

CUT and entities launch in this fourth manifesto “Equal Lives” and “Beds for All”

The “Equal Lives” and “Beds for All” campaigns have come together to mobilize society and pressure the public power to ensure universal and equal access to all through the Unified Health System. Go here.

Manifesto Bed for All demands unified regulation of beds by the SUS

The debate about the public health system and inequalities has been amplified in society and, because of this, the launch of the Unified Front manifesto for solidarity public policies is scheduled for May 13. The document is supported by Abrasco and more than 40 entities and social movements and brings five necessary measures for the “urgent construction of an effective and supportive response to the epidemic, which saves as many lives as possible, we propose”. Check out the full manifesto here.

It’s time to fight for the SUS to save lives

It is necessary to strengthen the SUS by investing resources as a priority in public health, especially in the peripheries of cities – where the impact of Covid-19 is greater. Read here the column of Raimundo Bonfim on the subject.

Virtual March for Science

The Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), together with its Regional Secretariats and Affiliated Scientific Societies, join forces with entities throughout the country linked to CT&I for the realization of the Virtual March for Science in Brazil on May 7. With activities transmitted throughsocial networks throughout the day, the objective of the demonstration is to draw attention to the importance of science in coping with the covid-19 pandemic and its social, economic and health implications. Go here.

ASA reinforces civil society’s call for the right to adequate food during pandemic

The Alliance for Adequate and Healthy Food alongside more than 80 organizations, collectives and civil society entities have just published an appeal for the right to health and food of Brazilians and Brazilians to be respected, protected and guaranteed, in the context of combating the new coronavirus. Click here to access the document.

Against the pandemic, the solidarity option

The Platform of Social Movements for the Reform of the Political System, which brings together hundreds of organizations and movements from all over the country, calls for some immediate measures, such as the thawing of social spending and the suspension and restructuring of debts. Check out the claims in this link.

Proposals of popular movements to address the coronavirus crisis

The popular organizations Central of Popular Movements (CMP), The National Confederation of Residents Associations (CONAM), the National Movement for The Struggle for Housing (MNLM), the Workers and Workers’ Rights Movement (MTD), the Neighborhood and Slum Struggle Movement (MLB) and the National Union for Popular Housing (UNMP) propose the adoption of some immediate measures in order to overcome the economic and social crisis in the country. Check it out here.

Black women’s letter on the Covid-19

Letter from black women about concerns about the impacts of covid-19, signed by the Articulation of Brazilian Black Women’s Organizations (AMNB). Go here.

To save lives and not profits

The Popular Brazil Front and the People Without Fear Front point out that, in the face of the deepening of the national crisis with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, they now wield the flag of “Fora Bolsonaro”. Access the article here.

Urbanism against Covid-19

The group “Urbanists against the corona” is born as an initiative to think and produce emergency solutions for social and spatial equity of peripheral spaces in the face of the epidemic. Access the open letter produced by the group here.

Earth Day Public Letter

Civil society entities and movements launch a public letter in which they propose practical objectives linked to a reflection on the humanitarian crisis of Coronavirus. Access the full document here.


Organizations in Portugal launch the International Campaign “Covid19 – SOS Indigenous Peoples of Brazil”

“Indigenous peoples in Brazil are being decimated by the arrival of Covid 19, associated with a health discare and the protection of territories by the state. The complaint is made by the traditional communities themselves that launch campaigns with requests for support throughout Brazil. To give visibility to local initiatives and facilitate foreign donations, the International Campaign “Covid19 – SOS Indigenous Peoples of Brazil” will be launched, this Sunday (2/8).” Download the document here.

Solidarity, democracy and peace to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

“The BOARD of Articulation of National Associations and NETWORKS OF NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean, an entity that brings together thousands of civil society organizations, comes out to express its concern about the direction that the actions that various national states are taking to address the epidemic of coronavirus virus (COVID-19) on our continent.” Access the full note here.

Por nuestras vidas, our territories, nuestros cuerpos, nuestros derechos frente al Covid 19

“Las mujeres de la Cuenca amazónica y hermanas de América Latina y el Caribe estamos estamos aro una sistemática y creciente amenaza a nuestras vidas desde el inicio de la pandemic por el Covid-19 como consecuencia de las históricas inequalities que el sistema coloniala neoliberalal busca perpeuar ante la indiferencia de los Estados para los que no son importantes nuestras vidas.” Access the full document here.

Targets: International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings

Some organizations and movements, seeking to address the impacts of neoliberal policies on rural and urban territories and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, have launched some proposals to minimize the impacts of coronavirus in the region. Read it here.

Fridays For Future Brazil

Fridays For Future Brazil is a movement to confront the COVID-19 crisis in traditional amazon communities. Visit the website here.