Trade unions, NGOs, associations, platforms and collectives have come together to pressure authorities to adopt public policies that link social isolation with social protection. Here are some examples:

Government of the Federal District should adopt prevention measures in the periphery of the Federal District

The Legislative Chamber of df approved law 6657/2020, authored by the dep. Fábio Félix, (PSOL-DF), which provides for the prohibition of evictions, evictions, water cuts, energy and telephone. In addition, the federal district government should provide assistance to families in need of basic food baskets, temporary housing and hygiene kits for the duration of the pandemic period.

National networks and entities launch unified political document with immediate proposals and action strategies to combat COVID-19 from the perspective of the right to the City and social justice

A document signed by 79 civil society entities presents guidelines for tackling the pandemic in the short and medium term. The proposals presented are aimed primarily at the inhabitants of popular territories, in the peripheries, in informal settlements, in occupations, for the homeless population, and other vulnerable social groups. The document and the measures defended can be accessed through this link.

IBDU creates library with documents on the pandemic

The Brazilian Institute of Urban Law produced a library of documents from the judiciary, the executive, and civil society on how to respond to the pandemic. The site includes several recommendations, reports, technical notes, and campaigns related to the subject. You can check the repository here.

Strengthening Family Agriculture Support Programs

More than 300 movements and social organizations in the countryside and the city presented a proposal for the strengthening of the Family Agriculture Food Acquisition Program (PAA). Addressed to the federal, state and municipal governments, the demand foresees the acquisition of 250,000 tons of food from 150,000 farmers' family.The National Articulation of Agroecology page also provided a petition to press for the resumption/strengthening of support for family agriculture, as well as information on the mobilizations of field organizations in several states.

Proposals from the Single Favelas Center

The Central Única das Favelas has launched a proposal document to reduce the negative impacts on the favelas, in addition to the

Platform for The Reform of the Political System

The Platform for The Reform of the Political System, an articulation that brings together hundreds of movements, organizations, forums and networks, has launched a document with eleven measures to address the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Emergency Basic Income

A broad coalition of civil society organizations came together first to defend the approval of the minimum income proposal in Congress and then to press for payment by the executive branch.

People's Health Movement: proposals for the whole world

The People's Health Movement is a coalition of civil society organizations in the health area of approximately 70 countries. He created a website that gathers information and proposals on how to combat the pandemic, focusing on protecting health professionals and the poorest. Click here to read the proposal document for Brazil.

Proposals for the Homeless and for The My House, My Life Program

The Homeless Workers' Movement has launched a campaign for lower-income families to be exempt from paying benefits from the My House, My Life Program during the pandemic.