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The Fundo Brasil foundation has started an emergency support campaign for organizations, groups, collectives and individuals dedicated to the fight for human rights, for actions directed to the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. Go here.

Training courses and social activism reXistência

reXistência.Collective is a social activism initiative that is part of a network of graduate students and professors at different universities in Brazil. The group offers online complementary training courses, which are 100% tax-free for donations to trans, black and indigenous community assistance organizations. Access more information here.

Moves launch Zero Eviction campaign to contain actions during pandemic

Dozens of representatives of popular and social movements entities came together to launch the campaign "Zero Eviction", in a virtual event held on the afternoon of Thursday (23). They denounced repossessions and evictions that continue to take place throughout the country, in the midst of the health crisis and accelerated transmission of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), which took the lives of more than 84,000 Brazilians and Brazilians. Read here.. Live on the Campaign here.

Campaign Let's Need Everybody

"We will need everyone" is an action of solidarity with the Brazilian people, articulated by the Popular Brazil Front and the People Without Fear Front. The aim of the campaign is to give visibility and strengthen popular solidarity initiatives, so that more people can participate and collaborate in any way they can. Go here.

Solidarity Hands Action completes 100 days in Pernambuco

Over more than 100 days of mobilization with the Solidarity Hands campaign, donations were collected that benefited thousands of families in several cities of Pernambuco. Through the Solidarity Marmites, 200,000 meals were distributed to the homeless population, produced about 20,000 Solidarity Masks, as well as thousands of basic baskets and more than 50 tons of popular agrarian reform products. Social movements from the countryside to the city, trade unions, associations and volunteers have built, hand-to-hand, a network of solidarity that has benefited the most vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read it here.

Oil tankers and farmers prepare food and gas donation in Curitiba and Araucaria

The union between oil tankers and farmers will result in an action of solidarity to families in vulnerable situations on the outskirts of Curitiba and Araucaria, this Saturday (1). The goal is to distribute 400 loads of cooking gas, acquired through a campaign with the oil tankers of the Presidente Getúlio Vargas refinery (Repar), and 15 tons of fresh food, given by peasants and peasants from the agrarian reform of five municipalities, and by family producers of São José dos Pinhais. Read more here.

Covid-19 – Solidarity in the Amazon

#TVPeriferiaEmFoco accompanied the action of solidarity in the confrontation of Covid-19 to the riverside families of Pará on the island of Cotijuba, in Belém. The solidarity task force is part of the national campaign "We Are Ready" that has served more than 740,000 people in Brazil. In Pará the campaign is integrated with the Center of Popular Movements – CMP through the CAMPAIGN COVID 19: SOLIDARITY IN THE AMAZON, an initiative aimed at serving families of riverside communities, quilombolas, indigenous and the peripheries of cities that are experiencing financial difficulties, and has been suffering from the economic crisis and unemployment due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus. The actions take place with the partnership of the Brazilian Red Cross – Pará, SEBRAE, UNICEF, FORD, Natura, Citizenship Action, Military Fire Department, Brazilian Navy and other public agencies together with organized civil society. Access the video here.

CO-LAB Project

The CO-LAB platform is a non-profit initiative, developed with the aim of creating a collaborative network to confront COVID-19 in the city of Maringá-PR. Visit the initiative's website here.

Mandacaru Project

The Mandacaru Project is a voluntary collaboration platform, in which the combination of the parties will generate a much greater result for facing the coronavirus pandemic. Students, teachers, scientists, health professionals, exact or human can contribute in a variety of ways: disseminating science-based information, fighting fake news, sharing scientific articles related to Covid-19 (protocols, treatments, equipment, techniques), sharing projects, contributing to analyses, and influencing public policies to improve society. Access the channel here.

Covid in prisons

Covid in prisons is an initiative that aims to monitor cases of the disease in institutions of deprivation of liberty in Brazil. In addition, it gives information to mothers and family members, discloses important lawsuits in this context and laws that support the rights of people deprived of liberty.

Memorial Fireflies

Fireflies are formed as a network of volunteers, with the aim of paying tribute to the dead and solidarity to the families of indigenous peoples affected by Covid-19 in Brazil and neighboring countries. Go here.

Emergency Health Fund

The Emergency Health Fund is encouraged through the Embrace health campaign, which aims to draw attention to public health. It is possible to make your donation to the Fund, which will allocate it to entities that are on the front line in the fight against the pandemic. The donation can also be reversed in rapid tests produced by Fiocruz, disposable masks, respirators and hospital bed among other items of first need paw combat the pandemic and treat patients .

Donations monitor

Site reports the weekly evolution of donations made to mitigate the impact of Covid-19. They can be viewed by donor type (companies, campaigns, individuals). It is possible to know donation campaigns and also donate to ABCR (Brazilian Association of Fundraising), institution responsible for monitoring.



The "Undocublack" Network, established in 2006 in Mimi with the aim of protecting the human rights of black immigrants, is using its social media to disseminate a series of actions to support these communities.

Solidarity with Refugees on the Balkan Route

Chiara Milan, professor at the University of Graz (Austria), published an article in Interface magazine on solidarity with refugees on the Balkan route in the context of a pandemic. Click here to access the text.

"Welcoming America": refugees and immigrants in the U.S. facing the pandemic

The NGO Welcoming America list, on its website, made a series of campaigns and resources available to refugees and immigrants in the context of the pandemic.

Solidarity tax reform

A group of entities focused on the tax sector proposed a solidarity tax reform, which aims to promote social justice through instruments of tax progressivity, that is, who has the most pay more. The main objective is that this is a mechanism for combating social inequality. The proposal goes against others that have been placed in the National Congress (PEC 45 and PEC 110) and reinforces the Campaign Tax Ing Great Fortunes to Save Lives.

Pact for life and for Brazil

Several entities – such as the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), the Brazilian Press Association (ABI) and the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC) – have come together to defend the Pact for Life and Brazil. The Pact is in defense of prevention and containment measures to slow the transmission of coronavirus and its contagion, and the search for solutions aimed at the common good and, in particular, of the poorest and most vulnerable.

COVID-19 Mission

It is an initiative designed to allow people who have the symptoms of COVID-19 and do not have a covenant or how to pay for a private doctor to be seen by volunteers. The COVID-19 Mission platform connects volunteer doctors with people with symptoms, they register and quickly a doctor contacts and conducts a free online consultation.

Notice of local support in the peripheries

The National Urban Reform Forum published the result of the notice for local support initiatives in the peripheries. More than 250 important and impactful proposals have signed up. With the support offered, the FNRU hopes to strengthen the struggle of territories and families in the various Brazilian cities in the face of the economic and social impacts generated by COVID-19, as well as enable prevention and awareness to protect the population living in the neighborhoods and peripheries.

Orientation for peripheral communities

The document developed by the Black Population Health Working Group of the Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine (SBMFC) and the Association of Family and Community Medicine of Rio de Janeiro (AMFaC-RJ), aims to guide the population of communities and peripheries throughout Brazil on the importance of covid-19 prevention with viable tips according to the reality experienced by people who survive the conditions of vulnerability.

People's Committee on People's Defense against Coronavirus

The People's Committee on People's Defense and Against Coronavirus is an initiative organized by several Social Movements, Unions, Associations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Central Unions, as well as people who are not directly inserted in these movements. The Committee operates in the municipality of Porto Alegre and is integrated by movements from Rio Grande do Sul. There is a mobilization group on Facebook, where it is possible to check the emergency measures advocated.

Quarantine Rooms

The Quarantine Rooms campaign was created by the Urbe Urges Institute, The Institute of Architects of Brazil and Ours. It proposes to use the vacant hotel chain to ensure social distancing from groups that are unable to realize it. The initiative aims to pressure the federal, state and municipal governments to adopt collective health measures that ensure a real condition of social distancing to families of clusters, the elderly and risk groups. Some places have already welcomed the proposal, receiving the homeless population or even the elderly!

Criminal Justice Network demands measures against COVID-19 in prisons and socio-educational

The Criminal Justice Network published a note in which it exposes the risks to people deprived of liberty regarding the proliferation of coronavirus, and the limitation of preventive measures in prisons and socio-educational. The organization advocates the reduction of the prison population, through the disincarceration of the elderly, pregnant women, lactating women, mothers with children up to 12 years, among others. In addition to the replacement for a less serious regime, favoring house arrest when appropriate, the suspension of arrest warrants and pretrial detention for precautionary measures, in order to contain the proliferation of the virus.

Lawyers guide for free in the pandemic

The Cândido Advocacia office is offering free legal guidance via internet for the black and peripheral population. Consultations are focused on issues of racial discrimination, domestic violence, labor and consumer rights. You can learn more about the initiative through the office's Instagram or by number (21) 998196212.