The Political Struggles of Social Movements

During the pandemic, social movements had to face new challenges to express their criticisms and complaints and to present proposals for social transformation to society and public authorities. With restrictions on social gatherings and face-to-face meetings, movements have innovated with new forms of protest and demonstration online, while continuing to organize face-to-face events.

On this page we present a selection of examples of campaigns and mobilizations that were oriented to denounce governmental actions against the pandemic (or the lack of them) and to galvanize political and social support for alternative proposals to face the pandemic.

Protests in the Pandemic Age

At first, the pandemic led to a decrease in street protests. However, this did not mean the end of mobilization. Other forms of protest emerged or were intensified. Starting in May, street protests resumed in several countries, and many linked the pandemic to issues such as racism and inequality.

Public Manifestos

In partnership with the research group NEPAC (Núcleo de Pesquisa em Participação, Movimentos Sociais e Ação Coletiva), from Unicamp, we collected public manifestos written by different sectors of civil society in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pro-vaccine campaigns

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic there have been debates regarding vaccines. The start of vaccination brought hope, and several pro-vaccine campaigns spread throughout the country. However, opposing groups, for various reasons, also created actions. We bring you campaigns for and against vaccination.

Mobilization that we support


The #BrasilpelaDemocracia #BrasilpelaVida campaign brings together more than 70 organizations, among entities, union centrals, social movements, pro-democracy articulations, and non-governmental organizations.