To deal with the need to reach a huge unassisted population, civil society has not only created thousands of initiatives, but also seeks to create cohesion and interconnection between them, through the creation of maps that locate and describe interventions and facilitate the referral of donations and other support.

Combating Hunger and Life – national level

Coep Brazil Logo

The COEP (Committee of Public Entities in the Fight against Hunger and Life), in partnership with the Herbert de Souza Laboratory – Technology and Citizenship (UFRJ), created a map with various initiatives of civil society, or supported by it, especially those aimed at vulnerable populations. It is possible to check the map, as well as register an initiative, on the COEP website. You can also access highlights such as offering free courses on how to fight the virus (see here).

UFABC Collaborative Map and Partners – National Level

The Federal University of ABC, together with civil society partners, created the Collaborative Map, which brings together the various collaborative practices that are being carried out in all regions of Brazil to mitigate damage generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim is to help promote actions and raise funds, support and partnerships, as well as to create a collaborative historical record of civil society and university mobilizations in the face of the pandemic. The platform also allows people to find the movements and collectives to help them continue each job.

Corona Map in the Peripheries: know where the actions closest to you are – national level

The Favela in Pauta and the Marielle Franco Institute have created a map to give visibility to initiatives to combat the corona on the outskirts of the country. In addition to locating initiatives, you can register other actions.

Solidarity Network of the Brazilian Association of NGOs – national level

Abong (Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations) created a Solidarity Network in order to unify, in a single platform, several civil society initiatives to mobilize people for help and protection. On the platform it is possible to register an initiative, request support, make donations or engage more actively in the actions.

Map to identify rights violations in São Paulo

The Human Rights Observatory-Salve Sul, together with the Fau/USP Production and Language Research Support Center (NAPPLAC), is developing a collaborative map to identify violations of law during the pandemic. The map is fed through a complaint form, the purpose is to systematize this information and pressure the government to effect the violated rights.

Platform maps actions in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte

The Community Image Association, from Belo Horizonte, launched the platform “Living Periphery: Covid-19 Task Force”, an initiative with the objective of bringing together “campaigns, demands and initiatives of those who are in the peripheries, towns, agglomerates and slums of Belo Horizonte, Greater BH and the interior of Minas Gerais”. On the site, you can access the map of the initiatives registered by the campaign.

School of Architecture of UFMG and Secretariat of Urban Policy map initiatives in BH

The research group Social Practices in the Urban Space (Praxis) of the School of Architecture of the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the Municipal Secretariat of Urban Policy of Belo Horizonte launched a mapping of initiatives to combat covid-19 in slums and occupations in the Metropolitan Region of the capital of Minas Gerais. You can access the platform by clicking on this link.

PRcontraCOVID: Map of Solidarity

The PARANÁ AGAINST COVID-19 platform, under construction, is an initiative of professionals and students of urban planning that intends, gradually, to gather information and analysis for monitoring and coping with COVID-19 in Paraná. In addition to technical content, such as a case panel, a map of risk sectors, it includes the map of solidarity with campaigns for the most vulnerable populations.