A look at initiatives to combat the pandemic

Throughout the period of the Covid-19 pandemic various civil society initiatives emerged to secure support,livelihoods and resources for the less fortunate section of society. As a principle only the will to help others. Here we bring some of what civil society mobilized in this pandemic.


To combat hunger, poverty, and the diverse needs of people in the most difficult situations, NGOs, Associations, and various groups have sought to build support networks. Learn more about them.


Actions aimed at pressuring the government and public institutions to seek solutions to guarantee resources and health for the population. Social movements, unions, NGOs, and associations making noise and participating.


Social actions and movements that have built and continue to build mechanisms, sources, and structures of information and communication to bring knowledge to those who need the most diverse information.


Civil society actions against the pandemic use digital tools for activism more and better, driven by the need for isolation and distance.


Data collection and monitoring with report of research produced by the Resocie monitoring group.