One of the fundamental issues faced by collectives in the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic is the dissemination of useful – and constantly checked- information related to disease prevention. Actors also need to cope with misinformation about the disease. Here we have included podcasts, smart phone apps, documentaries and other initiatives that seek to inform the public.

Fake News and the peripheries of RJ

Big Jaum posted a video on his Instagram commenting on recurring Fake News on the outskirts of Rio. Go to the video at this link.

Voice of the Communities Application (RJ)

Voz das Comunidades, a communication collective located in complexo do Alemão, launched an application with the objective of minimizing disinformation and the impacts of the pandemic on communities in situations of greatest vulnerability. The app can be downloaded from both GooglePlay (for Android) and the App Store (for Iphone). The app has three sections: LIVE, with fast information and in real time; FACTS: aims to combat disinformation, with news verified by the team of editors with the seal of “truth” or “false”; and JORNAL, which makes available in the application all the content of the existing newspaper.

Source: Voice of the Communities


Several collectives are using streaming apps and open platforms to promote podcasts, the new “conversation wheels of the broken”. The collectives use this technology to conduct dialogues, interviews, debates, actions, aimed at educating and informing communities. Some of them are:

Pandemic Without Neurosis

Podcast conceived by The Periphery in Motion, Black Soul and Unrolls and Does Not Wind Me. In addition to podcast, it is also released in audio format and can be disseminated through whatsapp.

Quarantine Place

Podcast of the collective ArquePerifa produced to understand and share different experiences and impacts of COVID-19 in the peripheries. You can find it on YouTube, Spotify, or a reduced version on whatsapp.

Papo de Quebrada The podcast brings a peripheral view of the city, politics and entertainment and is presented by Max Maciel, one of the coordinators of the Urban Network of Sociocultural Actions (DF). In addition to dealing with the confrontation with coronavirus in the peripheries, the podcast has addressed other relevant topics in education, politics and culture


Documentary Pandemic in quebrada

The documentary aims to collaborate with the dissemination of information in the peripheries on prevention, self-care and data for the creation of public policies and other immediate initiatives. It will be made from the vision of 5 young people from the peripheries of the five regions of the country. The three audiovisual collectives that drive the documentary proposal are: Maloka Filmes formed by LGBTs from the South Zone of São Paulo; the Center for Communication and Youth – CCJ of Recife (PE); and the Collective Apeirom de Ceilândia (DF).


Lives, New Year

In this context of pandemic several lives are being carried out, with the objective of entertaining, discussing important issues in the national and international scenario, talking about the realities in the peripheries and other diverse topics. Several collectives are performing joint lives, others do so on a periodic basis. They can be found on the channels of the respective collectives on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. As an example, the periodic lives carried out by the collective Periferia em Foco (PA):

Source: Facebook’s Periphery in Focus

Local Newspaper Online – Voice of the Communities (RJ)

The local online newspaper Voz das Comunidades, with the program “Covid19 in favelas, is produced by Neila Marinho and presented by journalist Alana Nascimento at 7:30 pm on Facebook.

Source: Facebook’s Voice of Communities

Zap Channels

Several collectives have also used whatsapp to spread their news more quickly and directly to the community. In addition to news about the pandemic, they also disseminate information on emergency aid, cultural events, politics and education. Some examples are the channel of the Mural Agency, the Periphery in Motion and Max Maciel. To receive the news on whatsapp just send a message to the number of each collective, available on their social media or websites.