The pandemic affects everyone, but does not make us equal. The elderly and people with previous illnesses are more vulnerable, but so are the poor. The Resocie has created a repository of civil society initiatives to showcase actions spread around the country to help the poorest.

Some interesting Initiatives

The research of Southern Voice think tanks on COVID-19

This interactive space compiles research from countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America on the impact the pandemic is having on those regions. The urgency of food security, the dangers of domestic violence, restricted freedoms, rising unemployment and the need for formal jobs become evident in the range of articles, research papers and multimedia presentations in this hub.

Marielle Franco Slum Dictionary

The Marielle Franco Dictionary of Favelas, which aims to stimulate and allow the collective collection and construction of existing knowledge about favelas, is a key reference on information related to the fight against the pandemic in favelas (mainly in Rio de Janeiro, but also from other places in the country).

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